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Homepage is the most visited page of any website on the net. But 98% of conversions don’t happen there.

Because your homepage isn’t designed for converting visitors into leads.

Let’s stop this, shall we?

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This will show how you can design a homepage that converts even if you are not a designer or a tech person.

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Is This You?

You are regularly blogging…but not seeing any traffic or conversion.

You are just starting out but overwhelmed by the all things you have to do.

You want to build your online authority through blogging.

You are in a right place.

What can you expect from Fatamaz Space?

Here you will learn how to build an authoritative blog.

This blog is especially dedicated to bloggers and creative business owners who want to build profitable business through blogging and establish themselves as a subject matter expert.

fatama zohora at fatamazspace

Who Am I?

Hi, I am Fatama, a marketing copywriter.

I have been freelancing for the last 5 years and I help online business owners with building online authority by creating engaging and in-depth content that speaks to the target market.

Why I started Fatamaz Space?

Well, initially it was my portfolio site😉 , working in the online marketing industry for sometime, I saw many blogger and creative business owners falling to get started and build their own little space here on the net.

Because many was & is doing “me too” blogging

We are in new age of digital marketing, 2019 – where generic content and fluff doesn’t work at all.

While everybody are creating “5 ways to be fit” you should be creating “Here is how I tried 5 fitness trend but only one worked for me”

Specificity and authoritative content is the only thing that will help you to cut through the noise.

Here, I plan to help you with just that.

"Fatama has been amazing to work with. She helped me with my client's blog which was a mess before she came in. We were having difficulties to niche down and create a content strategy. We were creating content but they were not specific, she created a in-depth go-to-guide for the client's business, it has been very successful in nurturing new subscribers. My client is happy and I am happy."
Sean Hilson
Digital Marketing Specialist
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