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Fatama Zohora

Girl Behind the Screen.

Simple, Introvert and Night Owl.

Its 2:39 am on the clock and

taking my side hustle seriously.

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My Story

Hi, I am Fatama from Bangladesh. I started my freelancing career at the age of 16, just from pure interest and to spend my time wisely. If somebody had told I would earn by sitting in front of a Laptop. I would Laugh.

But hey, I have done it. About 4 to 3 years. I managed to turn my hobby into a business.

When I am not writing, I usually watch TV series, sipping coffee and petting my cats. I have two. 


I mainly offer two services : Blog content Writing and Content Marketing.

Other than that:

I offer social media marketing services ( Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and Branding Services

Want to know about how do I work, cost & stuff? Click here, it will take you to the FAQ page.

Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.
The Word itself says-"I am Possible"

Audrey Hepburn

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