I write Soap Opera Email
Sequence for Online Businesses.


Before you Google, here it is- 

It’s okay, if you didn’t know.

Maybe you knew about it, just wasn’t familiar with the “Soap Opera Email” term. (fancy word we use to describe the strategy)

It’s all good.

You might know it as  welcome email sequence. 

Soap opera email sequence searched on Google

Why do you need a Soap opera Email
Sequence for your Business?

If you are an online business owner with a product that needs to be sold,

and you have new subscribers coming everyday,

You need a system that will take your cold lead in a journey and turn them into warm leads or even a buyer.

Soap opera Email Sequence or SOS is that system. 

Basically, it’s a type of welcome email sequence that’s just called a soap opera sequence because of the strategies used to hook your subscribers. 

Somewhat like a soap opera. 😂

The goal of this strategy is to build a relationship between you and your new subscribers that introduces them to your business and keeps them in the look out for your emails day after day.

Results A Soap Opera Email Sequence
can bring for your business

  1. You can know your audience better. (very very important if you want to scale your business to 6 figure or more.)
  2. You can convert your cold leads without having to lift a finger. 
  3. Effective way to interact with new subscribers.
  4. You can soft sell your product to the cold leads without making them cringe.
  5. Increase future email open rate and conversions. (if you don’t nurture your leads from the beginning you have higher chance losing them for forever.)
  6. You can build trust with your audience. (People never buy from those who they don’t trust. By building trust and likability selling becomes so much easy.)
  7. This email sequence will work also as a churner. you can qualify each subscriber, so that when you pitch them a product, they are not surprised. 

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Fatama gave us some original ideas and it was fruitful for our business.
Aaron Breuer
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Ann Garner
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